Does he like me?

So I've been friends with this guy since 7th grade. I had a huge crush on him and told him in science class that I liked him. All he did was oh okay. Then are friendship was weird after that. We didn't really talk at all until junior year when we had English and lunch together. We've became friends again, this time we were really close. Junior year was ending and we had to start picking Our classes for senior year, and I wanted to take AP Physics so I asked the guy if he would take the class with me. He said yes.

Senior year we had physics and lunch together. Our teacher was one of those teacher that didn't care at all. So we had a lot of free time. Me and the guy would talk threw the whole class period. I told him very serious things that happen in my life and he did the same. During the middle of the school year he started coming over and we would laugh all the time, we wrestled, we were always playing around. He even spent the night a couple of times. But we never cuddle. Since we graduated, he's been coming around more latly. Today he came over and I had to go outside to water my moms plants. He came out with me. When I was done my hands were wet so I start touching his hands, neck, and arms, flirting with him and stuff. And he was playing back like grabbing my arms away and hugging me. I just really like him, and I can't get him out of my mind. I just want to know what you guys think. Do you think he likes me too?


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  • Very much but he's afraid of making a move for fear that it'd turn you off. Initiate a kiss


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