Am I being immature about this?

Been talking to this guy we haven't gone out on actual date but he seems very interested in me anyways we came upon the subject of bodies and he was telling me that girls he's been with have never had a big butt like I do.. I asked him about one girl he said was a friends with benefits and he sent me a picture of what she looks like and she's super pretty it made me feel shitty like why is he even talking to me but also because I'm a virgin and I've never had any romantic relationships ever so I felt kinda inadequate... But anyways am I being childish or was it inappropriate for him to show me a girl he used to hookup with.. he said he has a video of her too :/


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  • I mean, I personally would have felt uncomfortable. The video part? That was completely unnecessary. Sending the picture... eh. I mean you did ask about her and he may have been bragging a bit.

    I would stay away from him, but you do whatever you want.