Should I wait or move on?

The guy im dating told me that he sees us together but isn't ready for a relationship. Should I wait for him to be ready or move on the next? I really like him now I'm starting to have feelings for him.


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  • Just wait for him til he's ready for a relationship. If he says he sees the two of you together, then he definitely likes you :)

    • He shows he likes me a lot. And says he isn't talking to no one else

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    • Thanks love

    • You're welcome dear :)

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  • Why should u wait, if he feels anything for u then he wouldn't want to wait unless he's seeing what else is available first and if he doesn't find anything better then he suddenly says oh ok I'm ready for u now?

    • I understand keeping your options open. He's seems like he want us together but I feel he's afraid that I'm going to change or something I don't know in the beginning I wasn't looking or wanting to be in relationship either so I didn't mind us dating a little longer than usual. Now in ready

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    • I'm going to talk more about it to him to let him know if we ask together than he wouldn't have to worry bout whatever he's scared of buy if he's stringing me along than I got to let him go.

  • If he's not ready, he's not ready. No point trying to push him into it or waiting for him when you're just going to get your heart crushed if he's never within your timeline for a relationship.

    Plenty of other guys out there that are ready for a relationship.

    • Trust me in not pushing him into anything I'm more lay back I'm just curious now. I'm ready and he isn't still

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    • Yeah it seems like he has a lot going on in his life, especially with a kid and a baby momma. I'd leave and come back in a while to see if he isn't busy anymore. I understand you like him, but he might not have enough time for you and if I were you, I wouldn't settle for that no matter how much I liked the other person.

      And to be completely honest, 9 months is a loong time!

    • I'm a mother I'm a parent 24/7 I work and go to school too so I understand life gets busy. There's times I haven't contacted him or hung out and he would call and say I don't really care to check on him.. But I'm not a clingy person I feel if he have time for than he will have time same goes for me having time. I don't know sometimes I feel maybe he's keeping options open for his baby momma or others... But he told me he's done with her and isn't talking to no one 9momths is a long that's y I'm saying something now so I can move on

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