Why are guys on dating sites so flaky?

So I have had the worst luck with men an still things are not improving. I am an honest person who is open with men I talk to. I have dated one guy from match last year November. He wanted sex straight away so I realised that's all he is about so it ended.

He would tell me he didn't have balls to be honest with me an that when things get tough he runs away. I thought wow what a loser 27 an can't face problems at all.

Another guy on there wanted to rush things also so it fizzled out. Since then I recently had a guy message he seemed cool an normal. He did appear quite judgmental though like he slated girls for going clubbing.

He was half Asian so I realised he would be overbearing with his values so he needs a nun lol. We was talking fine one minute an the next he totally switched unfollowing me on Instagram, blocking me on whatsapp, ignoring my iMessages. He was so bizarre.

Then next day he sent me a long text saying don't want no contact at all we too different. He was 28 but he was one who initiated with me in first place but he used the age card to back out when I am such s mature girl.

Then a guy who I talked to a while back briefly tried to talk again on the site. I said sorry we have spoke before an you ignored me he couldn't remember conveniently. When we spoke in the past he was cool but then asked for my number which I gave an we talked on whatsapp for like few mins an he ignored me after a bit. Convo went like hey how are you etc then what you up to etc.

He read my replies but ignored so I deleted him. I told him that he did this when he tried to talk to me again on the site. He said oh I was probably with someone. So he was taken an asking for my number how douchey 😂.

He then said let me see if I still have your number my thought was if you have delete it but I did say to him it's changed.

he asked for new one I said no. Then he was like what you doin


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  • My only advice (and its probably not what you wanted to hear) would be to stop looking for love and let it find you. If you go on a date let it be known upfront what you are or are not looking for. Seek friendship first and go from there... I wish you the best and sincerely hope you find someone worthwhile.

    • I am always upfront that don't stop guys from lying and behaving the way they do. It is what it is.

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  • They are on a dating site for a reason and that's because they struggle to be open face to face and probably don't have enough about them to actually talk and develop a relationship. Just wanting sex straight away is hardly going to make a girl feel special like they just found the man of her dreams. Sadly your probably looking in the wrong place u should just let nature take its course and meet naturally and hit it off with a guy somewhere outside of a computer. Good luck there are lots of us good guys out there just waiting to be found hehe

    • Yeah they don't know how to be open at all it's so crazy full of idiots. Last guy I dated was from real world but he was alike the guys on there so sadly these days good men do not exist. An I don't use s computer I have my phone.

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    • Hey it will happen for u, I mean you loo great so won't be short of offers u just need to pick better and there are plenty out there.

    • Thanks I try pick better but there are more jerks out there then you realise an a lot of great pretenders too

  • "I thought wow what a loser 27 an can't face problems at all."

    "Since then I recently had a guy message he seemed cool an normal. HE DID APPEAR QUITE JUDGMENTAL THOUGH."

    I think the problem is you. You need to come to grips with the fact that all you can ever be for someone is a kept bitch, since you seem to expect so much from giving so little.

    • U make an assumption. A kept bitch huh I have never been kept by a guy so that's just total nonsense an I can see you don't get it at all nevermind

    • Nah I get it, love. Tell you what, fly yourself over to Canada, shag me every 3 hours on the hour (because you are lovely, even with the bug eyes), and I'll keep you well and good until I get bored of you. I'll even pay for the return flight so you don't have to go back broke.

  • I have never met anyone while internet dating

  • Coz its internet 😕

    • 😔okayyyy

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    • Lol it doesn't hurt me what you said 😂 funny guy. Yeah a lot are weird I know

    • :p :p at least u laughed xd

  • The same reason why girls are.

    • It's not that I am saying girls aren't but as I am a girl I am only going to moan about men 😀😀👊🏽

  • your problem is sticking with your computer too much. Get off match and go out to a local bar or a meet dating face to face. That way is better. 70% guys on the internet are losers and weirdo.. other 30% might be taken because you are too late lol. Sorry but it is the truth


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  • I had to field a lot of idiots before finding my guy. Five months later, we're still going strong. Prior to him I dealt with ghosting, misrepresenting of relationship goals, sex seekers, liars and control freaks and people I didn't click with in person.

    They are out there. Contrary to the views of most GaG members, not everyone on dating sights is damaged or desperate. Some are just as tired of the dating game as you are.

    Persistence is the key; if it doesn't work out, move on to the next. They ARE out there, they are just hidden among the jerks and players.

    I like that you acknowledge there are just as many dirtbags in real life. People who tell you to ditch online and stick with real time dating fail to see this. At least with online you have an idea of basic values before wasting your time. Men and women both lie in real life, sadly real life dating can take a few meetings to figure it out whereas online jerks show their colors rather quickly.

    Stick with it, also join more than one site to increase your chances.

    • Thanks should of been best answer :) I will keep trying 😀

  • Guys are flaky in general. Whether in person or online, they're just exasperating people none the less. Anything to get attention.

    • Yeah people say we'll try real life but I have met guys in real life that are no different

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