Should I talk to him about his seemingly innocent invite?

We planned for an outdoor third date, however there might be a storm and he suggested helping me with my study as back up and he can cook something. He said his preference would be the outdoor date if weather is fine.

He has been a gentleman so far and we haven't even kiss lips yet.. should I talk to him that I'm not the kind to sleep with a guy that early? so he knows even if I ended up going to his place it's all innocent? how should I approach this? becuase if he didn't have bad intention he might feel insulted?


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  • Just be honest and tell him if you're not the type of girl to just sleep with a guy so soon.

    • does his invite seem innocent to you? he did state he prefer out door he only suggested that as backup.

      when or how to bring it up though? if he dind't think of sleeping with me this soon he might feel insulted as he's been a gentleman so far?

    • Just be honest enough not to hurt his feelings. Don't make up something just to avoid it.

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