Girls, would you mind if a guy holds your hand on your first date?

There's this shy girl and we have liked each other for quite some time. I finally gathered the courage to ask her out and we are going on a date soon. We've already hung out several times before so she's not too shy and nervous around me anymore. I'd love to hold her hand on our first date but I don't want to scare her off so that's why I'm asking for your opinion here now.

If I were to hold her hand, do you have any sweet ideas on how to do it?

Thanks a lot.

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  • Every girl is different. Some dont mind at all. Some do (IE: me. I just think its way too early)

    Initiate it and see what happens. If she gently moves her hand away or say something like, "Sorry I just dont feel comfortable doing that." then there u go. But if she doesn't move her hand away or look uncomfortable or say anything then
    she doesn't mind. How can u do it you
    asked? I know one guy just had his hand
    close to mine while we were walking. His
    hand didn't touch my hand but I still could
    feel it there lingering and all lol then he finally held my hand. Or u can simply ask her. I've been asked before. To me either way is fine.

    Ah enjoy your date!😄


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  • I think you should kind of test the waters first, I think she would probably be okay with it but you never know and you dont want to cross her boundaries especially on the first date. But kind of touch her hand or her shoulder. See how she reacts to your touch first then just ask her. Be a little goofy. Stop her in the middle of something. Use her full name. Look her in the eye. Have confidence and ask if you can hold her hand and respect what she says. It will be very cute and romantic and even if she says no, she'll feel good for the whole night. If you just try and grab her hand and she doesn't want it she'll feel weird and bad.

  • Read her body language. And if you have trouble with that, just ask her if it's ok.

  • I dont mind having a guy holding my hand on my first date. but i do mind it a lot if that guy tried to kiss me on the first date.

  • No. Dont do that. Unless she gives the notion that its ok to touch / hold hands, dont do it.

  • if she likes you, go for it. Start with maybe touching her fingers and see if she grab on or not. I think its really cute

  • ask her if you can.

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