This girl asked me on a date?

This girl asked me on a date. and i said srry i can't because i need to get my car fixed. im pretty sure i said it before she asked me out too. and now she dosent send me any more messages.

should i just forget her. what do you reckon?


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  • Women aren't used to being the askers. Any turn down seems to deter them a lot harder than men who are more accustomed to it. She probably reckons the ball is in your court to strike up another date when your car is fixed etc etc. As a woman I also fear of being too persistent or clingy. Especially when the relationship or possibility of one is so new. I'll act non chalant and extra casual and I don't think I am the only one.


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  • She's embarrassed. Text her or whatever to break the ice.

    • i text her. still no reply.

    • Wait it out cos she's embarrassed. She's most likely thinking what's the point now?

    • ok i will do. thanks for being helpful.

  • yesh just forget about her

    • I mean what are you going to do. cars need to be fixed. thankyou for your opinion :)

    • then you ask her

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  • no ask her back you

    • I would like to know more.

    • just not lose opportunity...

    • ok I get you. thanks :)