Girls, Why would you act different towards a certain guy?

Say you are a girl who enjoys casual sex with guys you just meet or know for a very short time. You are aggressive enough to straight out give hints for casual sex. You don't even mention about other guys in your life to the guys.

You meet a random guy ( X) and strike up a conversation. You think he is good-looking and nice. However you don't ask (X) for casual sex and mention other guys in your life.

So why would you act different to (X) in this way?


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What Girls Said 2

  • because Mr. X has an STD and everyone knows about it...

    • Haha :p Nice one, but your real opinion please?

  • she likes him.

    • Thanks :) But if she likes him, how come she doesn't ask (X) for casual sex and pushes him away by mentioning other guys?