Is my friend giving good advice on my ex-gf who is confused with what she wants, or isn’t confused and just isn’t telling me?

I was telling my friend at work today about my relationship status. I’m currently dating my ex-gf after she contacted me for a coffee about 3 weeks ago, after she dumped me 2 months ago. We hit things off immediately. We started hanging out everyone once in a while, and I would take her to diner dates or ice cream. She told me she loves hanging out with me and having me back in her life but doesn’t want a relationship right now, especially when she’s moving away next year to work for a few months at a time. I said that is ok as long as we moved towards one eventually, because I’m not interested in being this girls male friend, I won’t to be with her because I still love her. And she told me she still loves me and agreed to take it day by day. Then during a conversation in the car, my perspective for what she wanted between the two of us was shown a little different than originally. I asked her if she was seeing other people while we were going out, (she tells about her plans with her guy friends a lot which bugs me a little), which she said no to. Than I asked her if she would want to see other people as well, and she told me she was not opposed to the idea. I shared my views with her saying that if we were dating I wouldn’t be interested in seeing other people as we are trying to move forward, and I would expect her to hopefully feel the same way, which she just replied with we will take this day by day, if it doesn’t workout then it doesn’t. This just feels like she doesn’t even want to try if she has the mentality for failure already.

Anyways this guys response to what i told him was. So you’re re dating your ex-gf who you had a serious relationship with for 1 year and a half. And she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you right now and is making you date her because you want to be with her and she doest want things to turn out like they did before. He said even though she broke up with you 2 months ago it was just a break, not a 1 year break up.
And when you mention seeing other people she isn’t opposed to it, which technically means she wants an open relationship, which would mean that she’s not really trying to make it work with you if she’s wants to go out and meet other guys. You have to ask her if she really wants this and to make it work as an exclusive relationship, or if she wants to see other people. And in that case you have to move on.


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  • she was honest i guess... maybe she means she wants to try 2 see how things will go between u 2, and if she notices nothing's gonna happen, then she's gonna give up