How to get back to dating her and should I even try? what would you do if you were in my shoes?

a few months ago i tried online dating and ended up talking with this girl for about a month and i felt real chemistry developing, we couldn't meet up in person as she was heading to china for a course.

we soon after started chatting on Skype for the perioud that she was staying there and we would talked almost daily before going to bed and when we wake up, i felt that we both opned up as the conversations developed and we started talking how we both couldn't wait untill we finally meet in person, she had made plans with one of her friends to go to toronto the day after she comes back from her trip (her friend was going there to meet a guy and she wanteed her to be with her).
on the day she came back from china (at that point a month and a half had passed in total ) we went out for our first date (the date went very well, we went for dinner and saw a movie after and we ended up holding hands during the movie which was nice and a positive indication), after our date we agreed to talk on Skype before we go to bed but she never answred my call that day, or in the two days that followed , i would see that she was online but she didn't even right back if i message.
i then wrote her a message asking if something was wrong and that i like her then she sent me back this:

" Our date did go well! I’m sorry I’ve been so silent I didn’t mean to be, getting to and being in Toronto has been crazy hectic, But I do need to tell you, I met someone in China. We didn’t plan to do a long distance relationship but we’re going to try anyway. I’m really sorry, if you want to be friends I’d be really happy about that, and if not I’m sorry"

i then replied that i really like her, but she should follow her heart because i don't like dating someone who doesn't want to date me, is there a way to go back to dating her or does she even deserve i try? i really need advice on this?


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  • Dude! She said she does not want to date you. She may be an idiot for not wanting to date you, but every person has the right to be an idiot, and there is nothing that you, me, or anybody else can do about it. You can't date her because she doesn't want to date you, and it must be mutual or it's not called a "date," it's called wasting time.

    You had the beginning of something that might have been nice but you can find that with another chick. There is not just one The One for you. Now, get out there and find somebody who wants to be with you!