Why are girls always seen as the innocent little angel?

I have dated a couple of daddy's little girls who were the instigators themselves (as aggressive as a guy or even more). There was a time I rejected a girl that was already ready on the second date. I felt that was too early as we were just getting to know each other more and she kept insisting (even got upset that I wouldn't give at that moment). I still left.

Daddy's little innocent girl huh?

Are these fathers aware that their girl might not always be an innocent angel that got taken advantage of and instead she's the main instigator.

The others girl weren't that desperate and did believe in waiting but after a while, we just as aggressive as any guy, maybe a bit more.


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  • i think they aren't innocent they are fool dull and boring ;) like once at college they told me i was daddy's girl because of my car and omg they didn't even now how hard i had to work to earn money for it i don't know people think they deserve everything because they don't know about real life that's why I'm ambitious i like working hard because i want to accomplish my goals :)

    • They aren't but I'm willing to bet if I had been an easy guy myself and agreed to have sex right on the 2nd date, if her father found out, I would be the one to blamed. Guys are always the one to get blamed (I mean how many times have we heard of the guy trying to scare off the guy and yet his daughter can't never do no wrong nor be the one who started touching the guy first) for it even if their daughter wanted it as badly and even made moves on the guy first.

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    • true indeed... this isn't an innocent virgin that got pressured into this. Those are horny girls. I was honestly disgusted by that girl insisting for sex on the 2nd date and then getting upset and asking ''why don't you want sex''.

    • hey text me please hahaha you just made me feel bad :( haha

  • stereotyping... what were you doing dating daddy's girls anyway are you some kind of creepy old guy that's into younger girls :/

    • his age is less than 24 how is he a creepy guy? and believe me there's many 20 something girls who are still daddys little spoiled girl ;)

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    • bored...

    • okay at my college there's many girls who dont know how to work, bank stuff, etc and got to that school because of the money they could afford it i gor there because of a scolarship because i study hard

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