Will a girl still find you attractive even if she does not want to be in a relationship at the moment?

this girl said she's thinks i'm lovely and that it's her as she has decided she does not want to be in a relationship.
Do girls change their mind about wanting to be single vs a realtionship if so do you reckon i would have a chance when she has changed her mind? I mean she still want's us to be friend's and told me she's were's her heart on her sleeve which makes me think she got hurt bad by a guy?
What i mean is could our friendship develop further when she decides no longer to be single?
Could it be a test?


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  • It depends on why she wants to be single. Of course a woman can be interested in a man while wanting to stay single. Chances are she's been hurt and doesn't want to go down that road anytime soon, so she is keeping everyone at an arm's length.

    • well she said it was all her not me, and called me lovely so do you thinks she is interested while wanting to stay single?
      what other reasons could their be then apart from being hurt?

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