He's coming onto me too strong?

This guy I met over Instagram he obviously started hitting on me I thought he was attractive and he didn't seen creepy like most guys who message me on there..
weve been texting and he's been calling me pet names sent me pics of his junk... and even asked to see pics of my body.. Besides all of that he seems like a nice guy.. But he's told me he's serious about me and is focused on just me (idk I don't really trust what he's saying is true but I am up to meet him) but he's coming on really strong calling me princess and whole bunch of pet names which is nice but I don't know just weird for me.. Is he coming onto me too strong


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  • I love how nowadays it's a norm for someone to send a pic if their 'junk' in the pursuit of a relationship. If someone was serious about something they would handle it seriously... come on people, is there a point to swapping nudes... not in my opinion when trying to date.

    • I didn't send anything to him I'm not like that but he wanted to..

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    • Yeah I guess ur right

    • It just makes sense to me... if that comfortable to send that kinda pic how often does he do it... ya know

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  • Think about this, you haven't even met the guy yet. If he's already creeping you out and you haven't met him, don't even think about meeting him in person. If you like him back, talk to him about it and establish boundaries.

    • I told him that he's too sexual with me and he said sorry it's not my fault your so sexy...😑