So... was it a date, or did we just hang out? Does he want to be more than friends?

So I met this guy a few weeks ago and we really hit it off, we message each other quite regularly and then out of the blue he asks me to go for coffee with him. I don't usually agree to this sort of stuff, but something made me go (maybe the fact that I am completely smitten?). He greets me with a hug, we laugh, we joke, we never stop talking, he asks me endless questions about myself, personal stuff about my family, my life... I caught him a few times lingering his eye contact when we spoke, to the point where I started to feel a little uncomfortable (in a nice way, if there is a nice way?), he leans in when we speak, he's constantly smiling. Anyway, we part ways and he asks to walk me to my car, to which I stupidly tell him not to worry about it (my car wasn't that far). We hug once again, and he tells me he'll see me again soon. He messages me the day after, and we briefly speak over the following days, but not as much as we did before.
I kind of have two questions... 1. Was it a date or did we just hang out as friends? I mean he's a VERY friendly guy, so maybe he's like this with all of his friends, but I'm not used to guys being so nice so maybe I'm reading everything wrong? and 2. Why has he gone quiet? Did I scare him away?


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  • Who paid for the coffee?

    • He did. But I paid for the second...