How bad did I blew it away, on a scale of 1-5?

5 being the worst.

Here's the ending of a convo:

Her: -.-'
Me: What does it mean?
Her: This
How bad did I blew it away, on a scale of 1-5?
Me: Ow, it looked like u were annoyed & sweating
Her: ewww, no
Ur dumb -_-
Me: Lmao,
Yep, I sure am dumb, can't argue about that.
Her: Hmm

Initially, I thought it was funny but then I realized not all girls will share my sense of humor. So how bad is it?

  • 1, It's okay
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  • 2. Not good, bro!
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  • 3. Pretty bad, my man!
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  • 4. Are you an idiot? What were you saying?
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  • 5. You were out of this world!! You were so out that you're probably out of her life too!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • In my point of view I read you joking about it, I see nothing wrong with what happened.

    • Well, if you think she didn't like it just try to apologize somehow.

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    • What's there to apologize about? :/ I didn't insult or anything, I just shared my point of view on that emo. :P

    • You don't actually need to apologize, you can say you were joking and then you can just say, for example, "sorry if it didn't seem I was joking" and stuff like that. It's not an apology, it'd say it's a polite way to say it.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I personally would've thought it was funny, but it seems like she was legitimately annoyed with something. It would be a lot easier to answer the question if we knew why she was annoyed because then we can see if she was just being pissy or had a good reason for being mad that you ignored.

    I hate to advertise and don't mean to but I really need help with a situation... do you mind checking out my question since you're a guy and I want a guy's opinion. If not its ok :)

    • You're anon, I can't check your question even if I wanted to :P

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    • Don't see your question :/

    • Thats weird... maybe I had it on anon too and didn't realize. Thanks anyways haha :)

  • yea it depends on why she did "-.-' " in the first place were you argueing before hand?

    • No, I did something stupid and I apologized, she said it's okay, doesn't matter, but I apologized again, then she did -.-' this

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    • she was just pissed off with you apologising after she said it was okay, give her some time, guranteed she will be fine tomorrow

    • I agree with you @princessLuna77. But I don't think you blew it away @Asker. Just giver her time and try to iniciate conversation later about other subject

  • No Bueno

    • ya se (google translated :P)

What Guys Said 4

  • lmao!!! dude no... no... NOOOOOOO!!

  • Find a new girl, no point in bothering with this nonsense

  • Ughhh sounds like she wants a mind reader

  • Never write more then a girl in a text, unless she's asking you something..