Ways to win back a guy?

the question is a bit misleading. The other day I posted a question about a guy I was dating being annoyed that I kissed someone else. We have talked a litte but he has not given a clear answer to whether he's going to give me a chance or to leave it. There is a party this Saturday we are both going to and my hopes are to 'win him back' or whatever. Basically I want to make up with him. Any tips? I don't know how he's feeling at the moment and in the past I have seen him dismiss girls at parties but I don't know if that's because their case was differnt as he hasn't really been clear with me.


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  • It sounds like you've done all that you can. If you've apologized, and told him that you're interested in pursuing him, there is nothing that you can do.

    I don't know why you cheated on him by kissing someone else so I understand if he doesn't want to take you back.

    • Thanks and we weren't official. Should I just wait and see how he acts or should I approach him at some point

    • I didn't want to assume that you weren't official. Since you said that, I would assume that you didn't cheat then. So I don't understand why he's upset... unless if you both agreed that you would only talk to each other. You're welcome.

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