Under what circumstance would you ask/expect to be asked "how many guys have you slept with"?

I recently slept with a good friend of mine, and I can't tell how serious he is about me. He asked me this while we were laying in bed together. Does his interest in that number mean he's interested in me?


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  • If I was dating a guy and he asked me that, I'd have no problem answering him and I'd expect that he'd tell me his history as well.

    But just because he asked doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to date you now. He might have just been curious.

    • Agree. I hate that I have the need to over anazlyze everything.

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  • I think if I was dating someone and it was long term, at some point as things got serious, I would expect that info. With the HIV threat these days, I don't think it is inappropriate. CERTAINLY, before marriage, you owe all that to a man. Some women lie. I think that is wrong. He has a right to know your sexual history.

    • Totally agree. I take sex seriously, And I was very honest and forthcoming about it. It just threw me off a bit simply because I thought of it as just that, a relationship type question, and we aren't in one.

    • no relationship? I don't think he has a right to much of anything then. I guess I have never slept with a woman I wasn't in a relationship with.

  • In almost every relationship

    • I guess what I'm asking is, would you ask a girl that if you weren't interested in her for the long term?

    • Not necessarily. I would only ask if I see a future with her

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