Guys, would you go on a date a bald woman? Girls, what do you think?

A couple weeks ago a user asked if girls would date bald men and provided this social test done by a YouTube comedian. Here is the video:

I found this video inaccurate because he used pictures of himself with hair and a more fit body before he started going bald. To me that is false advertisement. It's like someone in thier 30's or 40's still using their high school senior picture (this actually happened to my friend). But of course the guys fans lambasted the girls for being "shallow". I don't think they were being shallow because in the world of online dating looks matter! Your looks attract the person which leads them to click on your profile to learn more about you or contact you.

So I was wondering if guys would feel the same way if the situation was reversed. You go on a date with a girl who has beautiful flowing hair in her pictures but when you arrive she is either sporting her bald look, wearing a wig or wig hat she later on takes off. How would feel? Would continue to pursue a relationship?
Here is a wig hat example:


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  • I think the real reason most women in this video acted that way is because he didn't update the picture. If I was in that situation, I'd expect the guy to look like he did on his profile.


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  • Some people can pull off bald no problem

  • Women are definitely the more shallow sex, but when they hit late 20's and the signs of aging hit them they will be the ones complaining they can't find a quality guy.

    • Thanks for dodging the question and men are just as shallow.

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    • If guys were as shallow as women, most women would be screwed in the dating world.

    • Guys are just as shallow and do screw women over in the dating world.

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