Flirting problems.

i like this guy but I suck at flirting. do you have tips?


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  • You don't need to flirt to have a shot at dating him.

    1) Say hi

    2) Be yourself

    3) Be outgoing and try things

    4) Break your comfort zone when the timing is right and start touching "Appropriately"

    5) Communicate your feelings

    6) Start dating

    7) Enjoy

    It's very simple process that has a lot of extenuating information (if's and's or but's); don't worry and overanalyze the situation - just be yourself and know what you have to offer.

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    • Great answer! you got it on the spot! =]

    • Thanks bro - and thank you QA for the best answer, if I can assist anyone further, please send me a message and I'll try my best ^_^

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  • First of all, smile. This costs nothing, and this is always a lady's best look.

    Second, "stand where he can see you"; make yourself noticeable. Remember, it's a lady that attracts a man, and not the other way around.

    Laslty, Be yourself. And don't sell the Farm, Mademoiselle! If this Young Man likes you, believe me, he will let you know.

    • **Note** - (Last Line) he will let you know as long as he feels you are approachable. You must be friendly and willing to accept a daring little lad in your life in order to seem approachable. If you are constantly frowning and ignoring him - he will, in most cases, move on.

  • A simple hi should suffice. Along with casual conversations of topics that interest you. The main point is to be yourself.

  • Smile alot, be really sweet and positive, it works with me anyway

    • **NOTE** - Do so at the expense of "part-time" - if you do this all of the time, you look phony or fake. Like you can't have a bad day, which isn't human.

    • You're right. Obviously it will backfire quickly if you go over the top wit it! But I'm just talking about an overall positive attitude, while of course being natural.

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  • Be confident , smile ,eye contact, make good conversation , take an interest in what he says, open body language and just be yourself.

    • Damn! That's a rock-solid answer, great foundation to your response in a simple but sweet summary. I'm impressed natalie

  • stare at him...not weirdly, show off in front of him, not too much but make it slightly noticeable.

    • I noticed this today from another young lady - it was flattering; however, I have someone else attached in my heart right now.

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