What's the main reason a guy's mother doesn't like the gf?

I never really had a problem with this until recently. I've been dating my college boyfriend for about 4 months. Though we live on our own, he still visits his family.

I get along with every single member except his mother. She doesn't like me and even my boyfriend confirmed that she doesn't. I can't figure out what I did wrong.

Since this is too early in the relationship, I don't mind but if it gets more serious that would be kind of concerning.


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  • Every mother wants the "best" for their son and have this vision of what they want for him. You may just not fit that mold of what she wants. My last boyfriend his mother said I was too high maintenance. Another guy I dated his mother didn't like the fact I wasn't a virgin and forbid him to date someone like me... mothers can be weird! she will warm up though if she sees he is very happy. on an important note, i wonder how he discusses you with her and if that can be one reason maybe she does not like you?


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  • I think It has to do with them seeing him as their little boy and not wanting to let him go

    • I guess so. He's her only child. Though, it's sad that I'm getting judged too early and she isn't making an effort to at least get to know me better.

    • just give it time

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  • she might see you as a bad influence.

    • I guess in my mind she sees this. Though it's sad that she's judging so early without knowing me better.

    • in my her mind

    • in her mind