How can I tell if he likes me?

I like this guy we have this arrangement that we are friends with benefits. Recently he started talking to a friend of a friend he tells me she is just a friend but I don't believe him. He calls and text her every morning when he gets up etc. just recently he told me his type of girl is the girl next door. What dose that mean? And today he tells me he enjoys spending time with me but he no longer wants to have sex. He told me that he wants his life less complacting, I ask him if he dating her he says no they are just friends. But I find out he is sleeping with her, last time we hung out he was giving me mixed singles. I want to tell him that being friends is hard for.. But at the same time I don't want to lose him. I just want to see what his reaction will be.

What do guys mean by I like the girl next door type?


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  • Haha, surprise surprise, friends with benefits turns complicated.

    This isn't fair to him, right? Because the arrangement was something and without telling him it changed to something else. You gotta be direct. Decide what you want, and let him know but do so with no expectations. Then the ball will be in his court.


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