Would you date a hot guy or girl who skipped showers?

Not all the time but theyll occassionally skip 1-3 days without a shower. Assuming they smelt a little but not dumpster, behind a taco bell, bad. But when they showered they smelt fine.

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  • Yes as long as the smell wasn't too bad when they skipped them
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Constantly showering and washing your hair, all that stuff, it's hard on your body.
    I genelt shower every day or every other day, but hair can go longer.

    Granted, they wear deoderent and brush their teeth daily


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  • Absolutely, with the terms that you described. In other words, they had the healthy scent of being human but did not smell rank. If a girl bathes once or twice a week, it is usually fine.

  • Depends on the smell