What's wrong with him?

So, he just told me I make I'm Paranoid!!! Because I ask a lot of questions, that's so damn weird!!
Somehow I don't "add up" to him!
WTF is this Sh*t supposed to F*cking mean?
How the hell am I supposed to get to know you better without asking questions,?
What wrong with him?


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  • Wait, what? Kinda short on info here. It's ok. Take a breath. It'll work itself out.

    • It might not

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    • Worried about what?

    • Worried about what all guys his age worry about. Commitment. Settling down, so to speak. It's a blow to the ego. I didn't understand it until I was 31. Took a lot for me to get there. You're right, though. Questions lead to answers, but maybe he's not ready to provide them.

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  • news.everest.edu/.../interrogator.JPG

    There is a difference between talking to someone and asking question and interrogating someone. . .

  • Some guy told me the other day that a girl was getting "too clingy" with him. "What do you mean," I ask. "Oh, you know, she wanted to know my name. . . where I live."

    I should mention this was right after he f*cked her. Good God, and she wanted to know his name? The nerve of some people!

    That's a true story. I picked the guy up at 4:00 AM in the university district while driving for hire.

    So, I guess you shouldn’t ask questions like “What’s your name?” if you want to get lucky. :)

    • I know his name, we went to high school together, he is a crazy

    • Yeah, I figured. The point is that some people have trouble with the simplest aspects of intimacy.

  • I don't know but what's wrong with you is you ask too many questions.

    • No I'm not asking a lot of questions, I ask him the same questions all the time, and he thinks I'm plotting something against him. And he called me a op,

    • Hahaha he called you an opp? Who is he, Chief Keef? Did you ask him what's the shit he don't like and did he tell you 'a bitch nigga'? Realistically stop asking the same questions over and over again, then. I'd get proper annoyed with you, too.

    • Yeah he called me that! He is a light skin!! And all in his feelings!
      I told him I liked him a lot! But he just wants to be weird, like I don't care what he does to me, he just thinks I'm afraid and I am but I'm just super shy

  • What kind of questions are you asking? Normal questions, or weird questions like "have you ever been molested?"

    • Normal questions, like the ones you ask when you want to know someone better, I don't ask him any crazy questions,

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  • he's juts moody just let him cool off a bit.

    • He is more than moody, he is CRAZY!