Ladies would you date a sales rep make 100k+?

Recently I have heard there is a lot of stigma surrounding sales reps, THAT ARE MOSTLY WRONG. Would you date one?

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  • What his job is pales in comparison to if the guy is attractive and has a personality that goes well with mine. If not, then no.

    I really have a thing for a man that works with his hands though. Blue collar workers are sexy... because they tend to be in the best shape.

    ... Construction workers...

    • Really? They have the lowest salaries

    • It's not about the money. It's about the person and how comfortably we live together. I also think that white collar men tend to look too effeminate for me.

    • damn, never heard that before. Alright, well we all have preferences.

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  • I would raise some serious eyebrow at that kind of number being tossed around :/

  • sure i would- if he had a great personality to match.

  • Based on those two facts how could anyone answer yes or no?

    • so you wouldn't reject him solely because of his job?

    • Not if I found him attractive and he was a nice guy.

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