When do you start falling in love?

It is said women don't fall as quickly as men but I'm not sure this is the case. For me When I'm dating someone new there comes a moment when I know I could not love the person pretty early or I know pretty early I could.

From an what in told men often think the love but are more easily snapped out of it.

In relationships that grew into love when did you first feel it and when did you know it?

i don't often feel this way but when I do it happens fast, like within 30 days though it takes longer to let the words spill.


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  • took me two years to realize it, took me 4 years to get out of it, now i fell back in.

  • I don't know but probably not too easily

    • Have you never been in love?

    • I can't say I have.

      And maybe never because I'm a pretty logical person sometimes...

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  • Yeah men say it or think it too early. Some even stupidly say it out loud way too soon. Some even pretend they do for their own selfish gain. So it's hard to decipher a mans genuine feelings. Hey yeah I am the same just by talking to someone a bit I know if I could ever feel that way for them or not ! Instinct is an amazing thing

  • I've never been in love but I have been in many relationships

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