Any Men single because having a girlfriend can be financially expensive?

I'm single because having a girlfriend can cost a lot of money. Often girls and guys earn near enough the same pay in the same jobs.

When in a relationship, it's considered common dating etiquette for the guy top pay for everything from movies to restaurants. Whereas the girl can spend money in things they like for themselves at no need to consider the finances.

So although i want a relationship. I've rejected girls because i want to save. anyone else the same?


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  • Men are single because they're scared of girls


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  • no, thats dumb. if you respect eachother equally then it is not weird at all to ask her to pay for things

  • I'm single not so much because it's financially expensive, but I haven't met a woman that I match up with. If the woman is a great woman, it would be worth it to buy her gifts and whatnot.

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