How can I make it right?

My man and I had our fair share of break ups and make ups. He lives 5 hours away. The last time we broke up in April, I had no clue that we'd ever get back together. Considering it's been a month since we talked. In May I decided I wanted to move on. There was a nice guy whom I dated for a month the next town over. He came to see me a lot and we ended up dated. Also getting a tad bit intimate. (Ooooo) That guy ended up breaking up with me, in that time guy 1 came back and comforted me. We are now back together but he thinks about that guy and me having sex a lot. He knows it won't happen again and it's in the past but it still bothers him... How do I fix my relationship, I honestly know once we meet things will be different... and recently we are planning on moving together. I don't want him to end up leaving I know if it happens, it happens... but I love this man... and probably will for quite a while.


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  • I wanna say this... Your current man is a insecure pussy !
    Everything happened in the past and he needs to get over it...


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  • Communication skills are so important. I think you guys need to communicate better

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