Guys what would you do?

If you were already involved with someone but all of a sudden a female who you had a crush on about a yr ago tells you she likes you and wants to date you. What would you do and tell that female? Would u likely still have a crush on her? Lets also say that you are very attracted to the female who you had a crush on.


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  • Well it depends on how my current relationship is going, if its good then the crush will probably be ignored by me if its going bad then i would go for the crush

    • If you were to go for the crush is it likely because u still crushing on her?

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    • Wow!!! Do you think u love her since you been crushing her longer than 6 mths?

    • i wouldn't say i love her, i like her to an extent that i m always available for her because she is an amazing person and i would feel like shit if i wasn't there when she needed me

  • I would tell her she's too late.
    Attractive or not I already have someone now.
    I would cut communication with her out of respect for my current partner.


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