Is he playing games with me, Advice?

I have been talking to this man for three months almost four and I lately I don't know if he playing games with me or not. In the beginning we would see each other lot he would make an effort to text me even though he said he doesn't like to text. One day I haven't heard from couple of days so I texted him and from then on I have been texting him first or even calling him and asking him if he wants to hangout and he tells me he busy and he has son but he doesn't work since he is on disability from his cycle motorcycle accident few years back. I have meet his son before so it's not like I can't spend time with him while he has son because we have done that before. Recently I asked him if I am the only one he taking to he told yes he is only talking to me and he also he told me he doesn't like taking on the phone and I told him how are we supposed to communicate and he said in person knowing he tells me he is busy and I think half the time he is not I'm more busy then he is but I would make time just to see him. Most of the time I ask him hey let's hangout and he doing something were he can't so I don't know what he is going on. Last night I wasn't feeling good so I text him around like 10:20pm and said since I'm not feeling good I just want to cuddle and he never texted me back and I don't know if he was sleeping or have his son but I just don't know what to do and I just need advice I want to call him out about all of this but I don't know can someone please help me.


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  • I though you guys had woman's intuition and that was something reliable to go on.
    In any case it seems he doesn't see you as important so he brushes you off left and right... but when you mention he doesn't like talking on the phone that is a big red flag that he's up to no good.


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