Should I tell him? What's wrong with me?

Okay so a couple months ago I posted a question about how I had interest in another guy and my boyfriend was really upset. We are all better and don't talk about it and my feelings went away and everything was good. A few days ago I started thinking of the guy again. I even had a dream about him. I don't know what has gotten into me. Should I tell him? He said he wants to know but I don't know if there's a point in it. We've been together for almost two years. What's wrong with me? Is something wrong with me and my boyfriend and that's why I'm daydreaming about another guy? Am I bored? What's going on? What's wrong with me? I want my boyfriend. I love him.

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  • it seems to me that you need to re-commit yourself to your boyfriend. don't engage in flirtations with other boys unless you are ready to end a relationship otherwise you can lead yourself to the position you are in now where you are thinking about the other guy that gave you attention.

    essentially you were tempted and that attention and temptation keeps coming back.
    1. decide if your boyfriend is who you want to be with once and for all (and it has to be 100% how you feel about him not how he feels about you)
    2. if you want to be with your boyfriend then don't tempt yourself with other guys
    3. if you realize you want to pursue something else end it with your boyfriend ASAP


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What Guys Said 2

  • dreams aren't very controllable so it's nothing. pretty sure being honest and upfront will leave a positive impact. tell him how it is but assure him you're not leaving

  • It seems that maybe you have feelings for 2 guys but your feelings
    are stronger for the other guy , yes you need tell your boyfriend how you
    feel about him and don't leave him in the dark about things I think you
    got older you're only 16 now and you've been with your boyfriend for almost 2


What Girls Said 3

  • Let sleeping dogs lie, @Paint_bubbles, you will only be barking up a tree with someone who is not this blast from your past.
    However, I do Admit with being quite honest, that if he is coming to mind again, even in your dreams, you may be in this Relationship Rut where you are finding yourself attracted to someone who you never did Grab and Get... The seeds were planted before and this could be telling you more.
    If this Continues, I think you should do some serious soul searching. There may come a day, even if it isn't with this Johnny Appleseed, that someone else takes your fancy.
    I also feel that if your soul mate was The One, you wouldn't be having Sweet dreams about Anyone Nor a roving eye with any other guy.
    Good luck. xx

  • Attraction to other people is normal. It happens to everyone. It's human. There isn't anything wrong with you. It doesn't mean your relationship is doomed either. It's what you do and how you react to those feelings that matter, that's what sets the two apart. We also can't help who we dream about. As long as you didn't cheat on your boyfriend I wouldn't tell him. It will only cause him more un needed pain.

  • I think having crushes on other people while in a relationship is normal as long as a) you don't like the person more than your SO b) that you don't act on the crush. I've had a crush on a girl while I was with my boyfriend and he didn't care