Would she like it if I do this?

So there is this girl at work I've known for a bit now and hung out with a couple times. To keep it short I asked her out, we've been on 2 dates so far which she said were amazing and fun, kissed a few times each one and we plan to go out again in a couple days. Basically between her 2 jobs today she has to work from around 7am until like 3pm then 5pm until probably 2am where we work together. I was thinking about texting her sometime between those times just to tell her I know she's got a busy day at work but I hope she has a good day. Maybe toss a little smiley face in there. Just to let her know I was thinking of her today. I dont entirely expect her to answer back since she might have to go straight from job to job and doesn't use her phones there. By the way she's 19 and im 22 if that helps at all. What do you guys think? ( I was told to put a winky face in there too but I don't know how I feel about that, seems kinda weird, if anything maybe just a normal smiley face)


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  • oh gosh that's a hell of work bro... she has literally NO time for herself... so i doubt she'd have any time for u as well.
    does she have any break?

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