Have you ever dated/went out with someone that?

you were embarrassed of?

or have you gone out with someone that was embarrassed of you?

how did you know and what happened?


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  • I went out on a few dates with a guy much shorter than I was. I'm not that tall, about 5'5 and the guy only came up a little above my shoulder. But I agreed to go out with him because he's the sweetest, nicest guy ever. I wanted to give him a chance. So, we went out and I was so uncomfortable and embarrassed to be seen with him. I even slouched a bit to seem shorter. I tried so hard to get over the shortness thing, but I couldn't. I really tried but couldn't. Therefore I didn't go out with him anymore.


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  • Embarrassing boy friends ya plenty of them. It's easy to tell when you go out with them your embarrassed, you worry constantly about what they'll say or do.

    I personally think you shouldn't be with someone that does cause it's not going to make you happy

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