Girls, Does the Random guy have to do this or not?

You meet a Random guy for the first time and find him sexually attractive because of his looks.

When you look at him, he makes eye- contact back at you, but DOESN'T SMILE.

Would that be a complete turn-off and you won't be interested in him?

  • Not a Turn-off ( I will still be interested in him )
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  • Slightly a turn-off ( I will lose sexual attraction with him )
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  • Complete turn-off ( Not interested in him anymore)
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  • I would still be interested and would probably find it sexy. The only thing I'd worry about is that he doesn't like me back so he does have to have a certain look in his eyes that I know he's interedted.

    • Thanks :) You would be interested, but if he doesn't smile and looks nervous/tensed what would you do?

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    • Thank you so much for your help :) I just want to say you are so naturally Gorgeous !! I love your smile ;)

      Thanks again :)

    • Awh thanks so much😊 you are very welcome, if you ever have more questions you can always message me. Good luck with your girls ;)

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What Girls Said 3

  • It wouldn't make me loose attraction but in my head I'd be saying "you sodding prick"

    • haha :p Thanks by the way !! So would you approach him or wait for him to smile?

    • I wouldn't aproachable him if he didn't smile at me. I probably wouldn't even look back

    • Would you consider it creepy even though you fancy him?

  • It's not a turn off, but it would make me think that he's not really interested.

    • Thanks :) So would you wait for him to approach you or walk away?

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    • I would not approach a guy who couldn't even smile at me to let me know that he's interested. I would walk away if I had no reason to stay wherever i was.

    • Thanks :)

  • I wouldn't give him the time of day

    • Thanks :) So you won't be interested at all , even though you are attracted to him at first?