Tell me what you think about this strange series of events?

I was in New orleans. All alone lately I was feeling really lonely. So I was just walking around the quarter to get out of the house so I went to this trashy club. The girls were not cool and all naked and shaking everywhere. So I was feeling pretty bad the loneliness hightened because of the club because all those people around yet know one to talk to. later that night I went to a strip club. It was a bad place I should not have been there. All these places only made me feel worse. later in my shame I went to the nearby historic church and prayed I usually don't do that type of thing but I told God I don't want this I told God I would stop indulging if you can send me one good girl to connect with that's like me? The next night as a was falling asleep my big brother met this girl on a plane who was from turkey. We met and I have never seen a girl I liked more when I looked in her eyes I knew something was going on im not sure what but it was special. Im not in love but this is so strange. Im not really desperate but im 19 and never had a girlfriend or any close relationship with a girl so its something I've been longing for. The strangest things happen to me. The only thing is I know she kind of likes me but I don't think its in a romantic light yet. Also I have acted pretty bad around her but that will change. Im really scared to loose her because I think this may actually be destiny also my brother kind of took attention from me.

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  • From the sound of this she's not into you romantically. Us women know right away if we want you sexually or not

    • I feel like we got along really well and how can someone be into you romantically after a couple of days. You think there's any way to change this because with what happen the night before and how much I like her I don't think its the time to just move on like I usually do

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    • Then do you.
      Keep me posted ok

    • Sure thing if this actually happens I will make sure to say I told you so

      you don't thithisLe context of meeting is a little weird and her apartment is the same number as my birthday so the whole things allittle freaky and Im not even into that kind of thing

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