GAG'ers, do you see equally romantic alternatives to the prince on the white horse?

Feel free to invent a female version too... I've always heard about the prince arriving on a white horse.
But why couldn't there be a princess on... let your imagination go!
Any way you'd love to see your girl or guy arrive where "love is in the air"... I'd love to hear!
Since my hobby is flying, I imagine her descending on a parachute <3 <3


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  • YES!
    The guy comes over unexpectedly, with a single rose (and a McDonalds) and we go to the top of a mountain and gaze at the stars. :3 Would be so romantic.

    • Ooooh! That sounds like a scene out of a romantic movie Hannah... you'd pass the night there in each others arms. For sure :D

    • Haha I loved this answer so much it's absolutely the MH :D

    • Thank-you!

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  • i was never into that dude tbh.

    i prefer that mischievous man in a suit who ever so subtly flirts with me via eye contact and short smiles.

    • That makes me dream... I've been single for too long haha... hope a girl doing exactly that will soon walk by :D

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    • thats the way!
      aw, always got ur back brutha!

    • Oh yeah I can feel the hug from 18000 km away Anna :D

  • The pizza delivery man is my white Knight and the motorcycle he rides on is his noble steed.

  • He rides a bicycle instead of a horse


What Guys Said 1

  • a pro-wressler jumpin off da ropes, since i luv dominant and sporty gals :D

    • Oh yes, she'll jump right upon you from a distance.
      Love is in the air <3

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