I dnt know what to do I still love my ex after a yr of being broken up but he is too worried about the future and we dnt talk and no one is adding up?

I Dnt know what to do anymore. He dumped me a yr ago over future plans of possibly moving. He only contacted me once since break up about being friends and I said no cuz to hurt later on I asked if he wanted to b friends he said yes. We got along great and then he just stopped texting me. Months later I asked about it and he said he didn't kno if we were friends and later said how he has moved on. I saw him in person not too later and he acted like he still liked me even held my hand and said he only has nice things to say about me and he wants me to b happy n etc and he cracked jokes n etc . He still wears the watch I got him all the time. We had a rlly great relationship we truly cared for one another and supported one another. We totally clicked and were so in tune with each other. We always had the greatest times and he has helped me through many family problems tht I could't tell anyone else. He was so sweet and kind. He was seeming to change alil after moving in with friends and thts when probs started and he was thinking too much about the future of me possibly moving even tho it was yes down the road and may not even happen. I still love him and I've been on dates with other guys and no one is adding up. I just can't seem to move on. I think about him all the time and wish he'd text me even tho he has hooked up with other people and dumped me. I shouldntve let him but I wanted him to b happy and regret tht.


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  • when u say he changed when he moved wid friends? did he met some other gal maybe?

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend. He was just getting real cocky when moved in and was obsessed wit being there

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    • I mean they have friends tht r girls, he has made out with one of the girls I kno of. But nothing like dating

    • then now there might b sth between him and some of his female friends

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