Should I tell him that I've never been in a relationship, and that I'm completely inexperienced, physically?

I met him on a dating site, we're both 22, and we've been talking for a week. My busy schedule has prevented us from meeting so far, but we are planning to. He's really sweet, and funny, and awesome to talk to, and we've been flirting a lot. I've never been in a relationship, and I'm completely inexperienced. Only ever kissed one guy. He's been in a two year relationship, and definitely alluded to not being a virgin, which I am. I'm really intimidated now. Based on the flirting, he probably assumes I'm more experienced than I am. I just don't know how or when I should bring it up, or even if I SHOULD bring it up. For the first time ever, I'm kind of embarrassed about it. I think because I actually like this guy, and he seems to genuinely like me, and I can actually see it becoming a thing.
Help? Suggestions?


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  • Yes, just tell him. You can be at any moment before you meet and just tell the truth. If he genuinely likes you it won't matter.


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  • wait what?
    you have talked to him only for a week and you think you like him?
    yeah, i think that pretty much shows how inexperienced you are!
    you know nothing about this guy, why are you getting ahead of yourself? he doesn't need to know about your past right away... sheesh... why would you even be embarrassed about it? it's not like you are 40...

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