Was dating easier back in the days?

Like the 50s and 60s. I believe so because today many girls like sexual banter from guys to feel attracted to them. That's impossible without coming off as a creep.

In addition, many couples back then kept their hands to themselves until the relationship was serious. It was calm, predicable and eventually, loving. That's why far more people got married in their twenties and thirties, compared to today.

The dating world today is a nightmare for shy guys and guys with Asperger's (or other social disorders). Social media like elite daily pretends to pat those with mental disorders on the back on one hand (one article praised a man who turned his house into a "cat paradise").

On the other hand, some articles make fun of guys in the "friend zone" who don't know the "chase" or mind games. It's misunderstanding at its finest.


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  • It seemed like it. I feel like people now make it much more complicated that it needs to be. I think it has changed a bit with societal norms as well. In the 50's and 60's it was expected that young adults get married young. There was no time for wasting time. Now since marriage is delayed until early to mid twenties, it seems a bit more complicated with the mind games. Yes, dating it a game but it is a dance as well. A dance that should not be used to trick or hurt people on purpose. Overall, the goal of dating is to find your mate.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, because all ya had to do was walk up to a girl and ask her for her phone number. If she said no, than that meant that she was into you. So easy.

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