Was she letting me know she was into me?

Alright this girl that I know as we talk in person and are friends on facebook. She has been flirty with me but it's so hard to tell because she is such an outgoing person. One girl said that she could this girl was into me because she was so giggly and focused on me in the conversation. Anyway she approached me to talk. I was with a few other people and we were talking. This guy had to come stick in nose in and made some small talk. He sat there as we continued to talk and just kind of stared. Eventually she said so did you need somthing? She then made an excuse to leave and asked if I would come with her to check on something. She told me that guy always is flirting with every girl but she didn't like him. So are these good signs for me?


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  • Sounds like good signs to me.

  • No. It means she used you to get away from Simeon else.

    • I should have more clear. He left after she asked that and then we talked for a bit more. Then we left.

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