Why does he want to keep her to himself?

My baby's father is 31 years old. He has this 21 year old girl's number from a friend of his. Anyhow, I noticed her flirting in a text message with him telling him that he is cute and that she could steal him away from me if she wanted to. (NOTE: The bytch is ugly and I look ten times better.) A few days later, she said she was joking and asked for my number.

Because my boyfriend acted like he didn't want to give me the number , that drew me into wanting it even more. He got mad and said, You don't see me taking any guys number out of your phone!


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  • That's a tuffie. Well, I feel you on that issue. However, ... I'm curious to know how you stumbled upon this evidence Sherlock? I mean, checkin through phones ain't cool and if you gotta do all lat then you don't need to be w/the dude because you don't trust him.

    Lets not get away from what's going on though. He probably got mad because , yes it was some innocent flirting on her part, however that don't mean he wants to be w/the girl. But if you blow it up and make it like he's already "cheating" or going to cheat on you then that sh*t gits under a guys skin. Because then he feels he's gotta constantly prove imself when he's done nuttin wrong. I mean...it wasn't like it was HIM who sent that text message.

    Try to look at it both ways. Shake it off...but keep one eye open

    • If you read below you will see that I said that he showed me the info himself.

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    • I mean because to be honest w/you, its probably the fact that he's not givin this chics numer to you that's got you all worked up. Its a loose-loose for you. Because yeah, he can give you the number but as a guy he's gonna feel like you don't trust him and if you hound him for the number and he continually says no, you gonna get more p*ssed off because you're gonna be like "whats the f***in big deal". If I were you::be like the Beatles."Let it be, let it be". Whether you get the number or not, it won't go good

    • I really don't care for her. But it's just the fact that he's trying to hold the number back it makes me wonder. Maybe you are right...maybe I shouldnt sweat it. I will keep one eye open like you said and not be completely blinded.

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  • If she is ugly, why are you worried he would cheat on you? He seems p*ssed because you don't trust him, and he has good reason to be. I hate to sound blunt, but one of the worst things you can do to a guy is go plowing into his personal belongings looking for dirt. Unless your "baby's father" has shown any interest in this girl, you going into his stuff clearly shows him that you have no trust that he is loyal to you.

    • But I am not.She asked for my number out of the blue. I didn give two craps about it until he acted like he didn't want me to have it.

    • Also, I didn't go looking for dirt. He told me she said these things and showed me the messages. I am not a insecure chick I don't have to search nobody.

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  • He probably does like the attention from her. It is new and exciting and a way to boost his ego. If he is texting her back then I would be worried that it might be something deeper than just flirtation going on.

  • He is messing around with her, that's why

    Females always seem to get mad at the other woman when its really your man you should focus on.

    1. very suspicious text. most women will not write like that to a man unless they are getting some kind of encouragement from him. obviously there is a reason why she thinks she can steal him away. it has nothing to do with you, but its because of how he acts towards her. if he was completely not entertaining her at all she wouldn't think she had a chance, but he is feeding into her crush on him so she does think there is something there

    2. he didn't want to give you the number. why because he still wants to talk to her. if there was nothing going on and he didn't care about this chick he wouldn't have handled it like that

    why does she have his number anyway? a friend of a friend just happens to be sending him texts like that? sounds fishy WATCH OUT

    • Okay did he show you the texts before you asked? I just read your comments...if he did that then I would err on the side of "this heffa is crazy and just wants to mess up your relationship"

  • i think he may be insulted you don't trust him.

    men just like having a little attention sometimes I suppose. but watch out, its not all about look sthis law of attraction.

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