How can you tell from a guy's behavior if he's looking for a relationship or not?

What are the major signs? 'standard'/regular signs?


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  • Don't have sex with him until he asks you to be exclusive-one! IF you don't have sex there is only so long he will wait.

    Beyond that (guys will go far to get sex, so don't do it!)

    he calls you, not texts, at least sometimes
    he talks to you almost every day, or every day
    he asks you on dates, and pays-not to hang out at his place or yours
    he asks you about your day, is really getting to know you
    he isn't talking about sex
    he acts like a gentleman/treats you nice and with respect


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  • If he isn't pressuring you to have sex with him or shows intention of just wanting sex. Other than that, there is no surefire way to know. Just observe his behavior and how he treats you as well as others.


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  • body language : if it looks at you a lot, touches you a lot, grooms himself around you, or smiles a lot around you (if you're having a 101 conversation)

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