Is it even worth a try? Trying again after rejection?

I shortly dated this girl 5 months ago, we had so much in common and I thought we clicked very well. Unfortunately, after the second date, she told me she did not see it going further than friendship, and expressed that she would like to hang out as friends in the future but would understand if I didn't want to. I said alright, but left it at that and so did she (last exchange was me saying ok to friendship) - I went on dating other girls to try and move on.
Things did not work out with the other girls for different reasons, then I took a break in dating for 3 months mostly because I was away for work, and took some time to work on myself. Now I'm back in town, and I want to go back to dating girls.

Should I even try to reach out to her? I'd like to have a simple coffee and see how it goes. Girls, would you be creeped out in her situation?


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  • Uh I hate it when girls say ''I just wanna be friends'' when they're actually thinking ''I wouldn't mind never taking to you again.''

    You can try givng it another shot, I mean it's not like it's going to hurt the friendship lol

  • She doesn't want more than a friendship though. Why not find someone new to date?

    • Oh I'm going to date other girls too. I just thought it was worth a shot, but if the majority of people think it's useless, then I'll spare myself the potential huge lowered ego from another rejection.

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