Have you ever dated someone who your gut instincts told you not to?

Have you ever dated someone you like despite having feelings that maybe it wouldn't last or that they weren't right for you? how did you guys end up?

Also, I've heard that when you meet the person who you are supposed to marry you "just know", any truth to that?


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  • Yes I dated someone and ignored my intuition. I had a bad feeling about it but dated him anyway and it ended in disaster. So if you get a bad feeling about someone, its a warning sign! Avoid him then.

    I don't think you just "know". Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future-like the relationship may/may not work out. It does depend a bit on chance and you can only control you own actions, you can't change someone else or make them do what you want etc. Anyway, you're only 17 which is way too young to be even thinking of marriage! Get out there and date. 99% of relationships you have at 17 won't work out in the long term so don't sweat it. Have fun!

    • I'm not asking because I think I'm going to marry someone, I'm just trying to de-bunk a myth I heard about. God, that's why I go annonomous for most of these things because people think I am asking because of something personal when I am really just seeing what peoples opinions are. And, I do know plenty of couples who got married right out of HS and met when they are young, so I think it's more than 99% because I know at least 10 couples like that.

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  • love is a choice, if both want it to work it will. Don't wonder about the stupid love sayings and such. you just "know" is stupid, I thought my ex was the one, but maybe she isnt. Just go out and date. You will experience different things than others.


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  • yes he ended up spreading rumors about me, asking out all of my friends and trying to ruin my rep

    always listen to your gut instinct, its there for a reason

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