I warned the guy I was dating that I don't want to sleep around with every guy I like, was it fine to say it?

I invited to an event with my friends and he said he rather only see me. So I say something refered to sex and he said why I was saying that and then I said nothing, it's not bad to have sex and he asked if I wanted and I said yes but that I don't want to have sleep around with every guy i like cus my preivous sex experiences were bad. I don't know id he will call me again, but at least I feel no longer pressure. cus when we were making out it was pretty obvious that he wanted.

what I told him if he was only looking for sex, that's how it started
and I only had sex with one guy in my life, just 4 times or 3.


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  • Well, you just telegraphed to him that you're a slut.

    • sorry? I only had sex with one guy in my life

    • Well then, that's even worse isn't it? Maybe you should just not talk about sex.

    • why i shouldn't? he has told me before he wanted to have sex with me.

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