Whats with all this girls only like guys who have money or alphas?

I always hear guys complaining about not being alpha enough. Or that money is the only thing girls care about. Or even that the reason they can't get a date is cause there black or white or whatever. Like i just want to know what they mean because most girls are actually pretty easy. Most dont even know what a alpha male is or even care about the color of your skin. So what gives.


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  • That's a bunch of insecure, pissed off or bitter men who go for the wrong types of girls and assume that all women are that way. Then, when a woman tells them they aren't like that, these men tell them they are full of shit and are lying so they don't look bad because "every" woman they dated or tried to date were just like that. They are too blind to see that they are doing the exact same thing as those women, but in regards to a different quality. If you keep going for the same types, you're going to get the same results! Duh! Lol.


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