Am I just jumping to conclusions?

So I went on one date with this girl and we had great conversations ended up staying together for a long time. However, I had to go across the country to visit family for a few weeks. We kept in touch and things got more serious. We began texting, which turned into hours of phone calls and facetime. She even admitted that our connection was amazing and hasn't felt this way in a long time. I even planned a date the day I get back.

The few days before I got back, the texting and calls became less. She has been busy with family but even then she would normally text me back and let me know what she was doing. When I got back, she told me that she had to hang out with her mom and canceled half the date and only wants to do dinner. I don't really understand because she gets to hang out with her mom all the time since they see each other every few days.

I guess this is coming from insecurities from previous relationships. Am I just being paranoid? Or is there something that's going on? Thoughts?


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  • I would say something going on because maybe she found someone else and she couldn't wait anymore for you and got bored so moved on

    • that can't be true because she tells me about her everyday things... what she did and what happened etc...

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