What takes more time and patient when it comes to dealing with protective parents?

There have been lots of stories about several guys having trouble with a girl's father but my female friend also didn't have it easy in the beginning with her bf's mother.

They began dating in 10th grade (they just finished HS this year) and while her family wasn't too hard on her boyfriend and easier to get along with, that guy's mother was protective and didn't like her in the beginning then eventually was ok. Her boyfriend is that woman's only child.

  • A guy dealing with a protective father and trying to convince him he's a good guy
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  • The girl having an issue with the guy's mother from the start
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Interesting but yes, I do recalled dating a guy in my junior year of HS and the mother would call his cell several times asking where he's at and what time he's coming home.


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  • I think the overprotective male parent is the weirdest thing ever. You had kids yourself, what makes you so hostile? You should be glad your kid found a partner, when do people learn?

    • Agree. All this weird thing about the male parent wanting to probably hope that his daughter is going to make it towards marriage as virgin is annoying. It's also hypocritical if neither of the parents were virgins when they got married.
      Only once the girl is already older, in her mid-late 20's (obviously not a virgin for the longest and didn't stay with that bf) then the father is already long used to it and tones it down a lot.

    • @vesuvius87 and then the parents wonder why the kids are so eager to move the heck out from an environment where they are not respected as people and or individuals.

    • very true... if I ever had kid I would be fair. I would be happy if the person they're dating goes to school and is interested in finishing their major or has a stable job, treats them good and the child is happy in the relationship. What else is there to ask?

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  • Since I've recently been having mixed feeling about kids (now I'm not sure if I want kids, whereas before it was a definite NO), I would like to think that if I ever had a child... I would just be happy if whoever they were dating had goals in the future, was interested in having a career and treated them good. That's it. So simple..

    Why make it so complicated. In the end, the more hard a parent makes it on them, the more likely your child is probably not going to trust you and make even more mistakes due to their rebellious nature of not obeying every negative thing you tell them about their gf/bf.

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