He doesn't want me back and I'm still in love with him?

e dated for 3.5 years and broke up 2 months ago... i missed him so much and could take more of the grieving so I texted him... and we have been talking for the past two weeks... when the time was right I told him I'm still in love with him then he said we can always discusse things together but can't be with me due to issues... I felt so rejected and hurt and although he was the one to have caused the breakup... and he alway contacts me when i do... I know he is talking and flirting with other girls and it breaks my heart cause I want him back but he doesn't want me and itsnt bothered with it. he hasn't had a hard time with the breakup but iv greived alott...


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  • No one likes someone who is needy and literally begging to come back. It's unattractive. You're looking at him and being jealous of him living his life while you're mind is going haywire and losing your life. There was your life before he was in yours. Yep it really hurts. It will hurt for a while.

    Concentrate on yourself. Build yourself back up. This is YOUR chance to build your confidence and self esteem. Join a gym and work those negative feelings out (working out releases feel good endorphins). It will also make you look hot in turn making you feel good about yourself. Trust me it works. Keep yourself busy. Start a new hobby. Go out with friends. Anything that will take your mind off the situation. In time you'll forget about him and feel good about YOU.


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  • Maybe just go out with another good looking guy and take photos of you and him together and take some sex photos some of your ass and of his penis and then he will get jealous surely if you aim it at him.

  • you broke up and it's time to move on, if he doesn't want you back then you shouldn't crawl after him