Why am i scared to date?

So Ill be a jjunior in high school &... I've never dated before in my life!! I know I know! Embarrasing right? Well it's not like I've never talked to guys & "had things" I've actually been close to dating 4 times its just that every time I either find something out about this person I don't like or I just can't get the balls to actually date them! I'll tell them how much I like them but I just can't!! I know a relationship isn't something to rush or to put your mind into thinking about all the time when you don't have one but I DO! I love boys😆 but I'm honestly a virgin @ life😂 guys talk to me like I said, I get invited to parties, I'm friends with everyone & I don't mean that in a cocky way I just mean I accept everyone as my friend. But for some reason I just can't accept a guy as a boyfriend. I don't get shy around talking to a guy I like or anything im the same as I am when I'm around any other person in the world! I actually get more nervous looking at them than talking to them😂 I can be at lunch just looking at them and I get butterflies but when I'm with them I'm perfectly fine😅I have an outgoing personality many say & I believe so myself but I don't know what is! Many ask "why I won't date such and such "& I have no clue what to tell them bc they know I like them! Am I afraid to be hurt, scared to fall to deep, nervous that I'll get overly attached? Idk! But if anyone has experienced this or no someone that has PLEASE help me🙏🏾 I mean waiting is nice bc I learned how to be on my own & learn myself before I have to learn the one I'm in a relationship with but I really just want this year to be spent with me, my family, my friends & someone that cares about me & I care about them. I hope someone knows or can give me advice😆Thank you & I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you may be❤️


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  • Because you are hella young and I don't think there really is a purpose to dating unless you actually find the other person sufficiently attractive both physically and behaviorally.

  • its not embarrassing, i am 24 and i haven't had a girlfriend!


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