We went on a date and have talked since but he hasn't said anything about it?

I went on what I though was a pretty good date with this guy. We met through a mutual friend and had gotten past kissing before but this was our first real date. We were a little awkward. That seems to be a byproduct of jumping into physical stuff before you really know the person. We went to the movies and cuddled and kissed. However I always seemed to have to initiate the cuddles. We just sat there awkwardly for awhile until I finally got up my balls and held his hand. He wasn't reluctant at all, but still I had to initiate. He kissed me goodbye and I loved it so much. But is that a bad sign that I had to initiate coupled with the fact that he hasn't said anything about the date since? We've been talking but just normal stuff like about skateboaing and insomnia. Normally a guy would say something like "I had fun today" right? I'm really growing to like this guy, but if he's trying to give me back down signals I need to stop.


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  • Sounds like he is backing off a bit maybe coz due to his firat date normally shy guys always do a little bit of hesitation to do some moves or not


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  • Hard to say. Back off a bit and see how he reacts- then you'll know if he likes you
    Don't play hard to get but just stop initiating conversations and don't rush to reply or be free all the time